Tom takes delivery of his Ballistic 6.5

My journey towards being a boat owner started nearly a year ago. I had decided to buy a RIB. But which one. What size? From who? I started to do research and soon realised that there is a lot of choice and many different places that make them and sell them. Ukraine, Cypress, Turkey etc. I felt it made much more sense to buy a RIB that I could touch and feel before purchasing. I had concerns that if I bought from an overseas company and I had to put a deposit down that if the company went bust I would lose out financially. I contacted some local RIB dealers and went for a few test rides. Now I knew I really wanted a RIB but felt that I still had not found ‘the one’. Every person I spoke with knew something RIBS or someone who owned one. The most common response was ‘Get a Brig, they’re the best and everyone has them’. My research had indicated they were over-priced but dominated the Australia market with little strong competition. My research continued and I thought I was close to making a decision until I saw Ballistic Ribs. I telephoned and spoke with Andy Nevin. Instantly, I felt I was talking to a person that was as passionate about RIBS as me. Andy asked me to come and take a look at the first 2 RIBS he had recently imported into Australia. As soon as I saw them I noticed how much attention to detail and the quality of the boats was far superior to any other I had seen to date. There were a few things about the boat I wanted to change like remove the jockey seats and replace with bench seat and the colour of the tubes. No problem. Andy and I talked regularly about detail and he helped with every aspect including the engine (fairly important part). We decided to go with the Honda 200 as it was offering 7 years warranty. Also the colour of the engine was the right colour to match the boat! I really wanted to make sure that this RIB would be the envy of every other RIB owner and so Andy and I then discussed the Electronics for the dashboard. I ended up with a GPS Map/Fish Finder 8”, Fusion stereo and VHF radio. Finally we were ready to proceed and the boat was taken to Middle Harbour Marine to have the engine and electronics installed by Ross Cruickshank. Ross and Andy were as excited as I was! Andy introduced me to Whitworths Marine – my new favourite shop alongside Vintage Cellars and Bunnings. Finally, ‘Thirsty’ was ready to be delivered. No problem. Andy met me at Roseberry and we dropped her into the water. What a stunning sight. We drove her to her new home at Sydney Boathouse dry-stack in Rozeville. In summary the whole experience in purchasing my RIB took me 6 months from start to finish and the result is that I have the prettiest RIB on the harbour and I have made a great new friend. Thanks Andy Nevin for all your help and support. I have no doubt we will be seeing plenty more of these Ballistics around the harbour soon.

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